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DGRule Invisible Hub
DGRule Invisible Hub
DGRule Invisible Hub
DGRule Invisible Hub
DGRule Invisible Hub
DGRule Invisible Hub
DGRule Invisible Hub
DGRule Invisible Hub
DGRule Invisible Hub
DGRule Invisible Hub
DGRule Invisible Hub
DGRule Invisible Hub
DGRule Invisible Hub
DGRule Invisible Hub

DGRule Invisible Hub

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Review from Unbox Therapy

Review from 9to5mac

DGRule invisible Hub review: disappears under the MacBook Pro

DGRule in the Press

New 16" MacBook Pro is the best ever, but you may realize the limitation of Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports

New 16" MacBook Pro 2019

The new Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports still doesn't work with some devices. You need a dongle for everything!

New 2019 Thunderbolt 3 USB-C Ports

Introducing DGRule Invisible Hub

Worldwide Patent Pending

The world's first invisible USB-C hub for MacBook Pro

Lightweight, portable, convenient and invisible

Invisible design provides multiple functions

Engineered for discretion, DGRule is an invisible hub for all your cords. This gives you dongle-free working space where cables can be seen uncluttered.

The 1st hub designed specifically for the 16" MacBook Pro

10-in-2 USB-C Hub (USB-C Data & Power Delivery, HDMI, MiniDP, microSD/SD, USB-A, Audio Jack)

Compare with other dongles

Compare to other multiple adapters in the market, it can serve multiple connections simultaneously without creating a mess, connecting to the back of your MacBook.

Replace all other dongles with DGRule Invisible Hub

The multi-tasking hub also has a firm stability feature

Works perfectly on the table and laps

Never fall off or get loose with DGRule

Perfectly fits MacBook Pro with 16" 15" 13"

Just simply snap the DGRule on both sides of MacBook

DGRule will not tip over. Snapping into both sides of your MacBook Pro (two Thunderbolt 3 and audio ports), it will stay in place as you need it to so that you can focus on getting your work done, not on keeping your devices plugged in.

Made from CNC aluminum, extremely durable and reliable 

Easy pick and go anywhere with DGRule

The sleek and slim design also fits your MacBook Pro avoiding the hassle of putting it inside your bag.

The most compact & portable Thunderbolt 3 USB-C hub

Simultaneously connect your Thunderbolt 3, HDMI display, USB-C, Mini DP, 3 x USB 3.1 Gen 1, micro SD, SD, and headphones. All while charging 100W at full speed thru DGRule Invisible Hub.

DGRule can reach up to 40 Gb/s data speed

All while charging your MacBook Pro with 100W power 

The built-in cooling pad prevents DGRule from overheating

The built-in cooling pad prevents DGRule from overheating, so you can use it for hours, days, or weeks on end. This will come in handy considering DGRule's 100W power delivery.

Perfectly fits 16"/15"/13" MacBook Pro 2019/2018/2017/2016

Aluminum enclosure color matches to Space Gray and silver MacBook Pro

Perfectly color matched to Space Gray and Silver MacBook Pro

Process for Making CNC precision milled aluminum enclosure

Take DGRule anytime and anywhere, you don't even notice it

The most compact and portable hub

Proof of the DGRule Prototype

The following unbox video presents a fully functional prototype of DGRule invisible hub with all ports working (HDMI display, Thunderbolt 3, USB-C, SD, microSD, USB flash drive & hard drive).

  •  Input: 2 x Thunderbolt 3 USB-C
  •  Output:
                            - 1 X HDMI/1 X MiniDP: resolution is 4K@30Hz max, Support MST and SST, Support 4K/2K for simultaneous use.
                            - 1 X Thunderbolt 3: up to 6K ( max ) or 2 X 4K@60Hz Video Up to 40 Gb/s data speed Max 100W Power Delivery pass through charging.
                            - 1 X USB-C: supports charging, PD3.0, Max 100W and support USB-C 3.1 Gen1 5Gbps data transfer, from Docking output (the max output is share 5V/1.5A).
                            - 3 X USB3.1 Gen 1: transfer rate is 5Gbps. Output is total share 5V/1.5A. Can work with 3 USB flash disk or can work with 1 hard disk + 2 USB flash disk.
                            - 1 X SD/ 1 X Micro SD: supports SD/SDHC/SDXC, SD3.0 UHS-1 with speed up to 104Mb/s, both Micro and SD ports can work simultaneously. Max card reading capacity is 512G. 
                            - 1 X Audio: stereo output and Mic input, 3.5 Audio plug.
  •  Case Material: CNC anodized aluminum enclosure
  •  Color: Space Gray & Silver

To say thanks to our contributors, we are offering DGRule here first – giving you early access to our world-class hub. 


DGRule will be available in Space Gray or Silver color. Once the campaign ends, we will send out a survey asking you to select the color and size of your DGRule (Space Gray / Silver; 16"/ 15"/ 13").

Design and Development

DGRule on CES2020

About Us

For more than ten years working experience, our team has developed computer accessories, including USB card readers, USB flash drives, USB docking systems, USB-C data conversion systems, and video conversion systems. We have seen USB-C reach new popularity levels, and while there are many USB-C-enabled products available, there is no product that is convenient, lightweight, and designed specifically for MacBook users.

Setting out to solve this problem, our research development team spent a whole year investigating and comparing other products, committing ourselves to creating a docking station that would fit with the MacBook Pro both functionally and in terms of style. Using a CNC process aluminum alloy shell, our docking station is lightweight and thin, matching the MacBook perfectly and meeting all your charging, USB, and video interface needs. We call our station DGRule, and it is going to make your life a whole lot easier.

Spread the Word!

In addition to making a monetary contribution to this campaign, go ahead and tell your fellow Apple fans about DGRule. This is a hub that all MacBook Pro users should know about, and you can help us with that in a big way.

We appreciate all your support, monetary and non-monetary alike, and we thank you for taking the time to read about what we are doing.

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